Play With Monsters

by Aaron Bushkowsky

to November 20, 2012 - Performance Works, Vancouver

A man with a checkered past and a criminal record tries to reconcile with the memory of his parents as zombies after meeting the girl of his dreams in a vineyard in France. An imaginative and whimsical show that culminates with a battle between zombies and a ninja, and impossible love. “Playful Play With Monsters Kills at Performance Works”Vancouver Sun

Nominated for four Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards: Malcolm Dow (Sound Design), Aaron Bushkowsky (Outstanding Original Play), Karin Konoval (Outstanding Supporting Actress), Josette Jorge (Outstanding Supporting Actress).

Josette Jorge with Andrew McNee.


Directed by Rachel Peake; Stage Managed by Lois Dawson; Sound Design by Malcolm Dow; Lighting by Itai Erdel; Set Design by Shizuka Kai; Costume Design by Drew Facey; featuring performers Bill Dow, Karin Konoval, Josette Jorge, Andrew McNee, and Hiro Kanagawa.