Love Fights

by Amiel Gladstone and Adam Underwood

to November 09, 2010 - Performance Works, Vancouver

Two short plays by playwrights Ami Gladstone (The Trolley Car), directed by Rachel Peake and Adam Underwood (Coffee Makes Me Cry), directed by Sarah Rodgers. Occupied Germany sets the background for a secret love affair in Ami Gladstone’s deeply poetic work, while comedy reigns supreme in Adam Underwood’s modern-day fable of a blind date that goes horribly wrong.

trolley car 1-1

Trolley Car (above), by Ami Gladstone, was performed by Emma Slipp (above) and Emelia Symington Fedy (below) and Raphael Kepinski. Directed by Rachel Peake this production was nominated for three Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards in 2011, Outstanding Direction by Rachel Peake, Outstanding Performance for Emma Slipp, and Outstanding Costume Design, Drew Facey.

Coffee Makes Me Cry (below), by Adam Underwood, was performed by Hamza Adam (above), Raphael Kepinski (below) and Emelia Symington Fedy (below). Directed by Sarah Rodgers, this comedy was originally featured as part of Solo Collective’s developmental reading series in 2008/09.


For both shows: Set and Costume Design, Drew Facey; Lighting Design, Matt Frankish; Sound Design, Shawn Sorensen; Stage Managed by Noa Anatot, Dramaturgy by Aaron Bushkowsky.