Green Lake

by Katey Hoffman

November 17, 2016 to November 27, 2016 - at Performance Works, Granville Island

Solo Collective’s 16th season featured a new play, “Green Lake” by emerging playwright Katey Hoffman.

This dark comedy was about a young woman coming to terms with her identity when she discovers her long lost deadbeat dad is living nearby. It’s through a series of flashbacks to Green Lake — a camp she was unceremoniously dumped into as a 15-year-old that she finds the secret to moving on. Bittersweet and theatrical, “Green Lake” was heartfelt and nostalgic. It received positive reviews right across the board. “Green Lake” was nominated for six Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards, including Outstanding Performance by a Lead Actress, Outstanding Performance by a Supporting Actress (2 of them!), Outstanding Set Design, Outstanding Direction, and Outstanding Production for a total of 6!