Fear Some

by Vern Thiessen, Alex Ferguson, Dorothy Dittrich

to May 10, 2005 - Performance Works, Vancouver

Three monologues about things that go bump in the night. Back to Berlin by Vern Thiessen, directed by Johnna Wright, performed by Scott Bellis. Two by Alexander Ferguson, directed by Johnna Wright, performed by Josh Drebit. If the Moon Falls by Dorothy Dittrich, directed by Sarah Rogers, performed by Bridget O’Sullivan.


Set and Lighting by Del Surjik, Sound by Noah Drew, Production Managed by Terence van der Woude, Special Properties by Yayah Studios, Stage Managed by Anne Taylor

Jessie Award Nomination:
Outstanding Original Script, Vern Thiessen, Back to Berlin

“Satisfying from start to finish… top-notch. …Some of our best writers, directors and actors at the top of their game.”THE VANCOUVER SUN