Crazy Talk

by Victoria Maxwell, Jan Derbyshire, James O'Shea

to November 09, 2006 - Performance Works, Vancouver

Three stories about crazy people on the edge. Lifeline by Victoria Maxwell, directed by Jane Heyman, performed by Lara Gilchrist. The Audition of the Embarrassed Woman by Jan Derbyshire, directed by David Mackay, performed by Dawn Petten. Thbump by James O’Shea, directed by Del Surjik and performed by Derek Metz.



Lara Gilchrist and Derek Metz, photos by Aaron Bushkowsky

Set and Lighting by John Webber, Sound by Rob Parker, Production Managed by Chris McGregor, Stage Managedby Jaimie Tait

“Solo Collective scores a triple play… three very different one-person pieces, linked only by the lunacy lurking within each but blessed by a common sense of pure professionalism. …Each is, in its own very particular way, a gem.”