A Three Way

by Aaron Bushkowsky, Dawn Petten, Jamie Norris

to January 15, 2001 - Performance Works, Vancouver

Three new monologues about loss… and life. Samaritan by Jamie Norris, directed by Patrick McDonald, performed by Michael P. Northey. Cusp by Dawn Petten, directed by Johnna Wright, performed by Sarah Susut. Between Mothers by Aaron Bushkowsky, directed by Tom McBeath, performed by Megan Leitch.


Lighting and Set Design by Shaun August, Sound Design by John McCulloch

Jessie Richardson Award:
Significant Artistic Achievement, Jamie Norris, Patrick McDonald, Michael P. Northey, Samaritan

“… accolades. That’s what the collective has been getting from audiences… How does a playwright hold our attention for a 30 to 40 minute one-hander? Let writers Dawn Petten, Jamie Norris and Aaron Bushkowsky count the ways.”  VANCOUVER COURIER