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Red Birds

by Aaron Bushkowsky

November 18, 2018 - Performing Arts Lodge

“Red Birds” debuts this November. A bittersweet comedy about three generations of women reconnecting and discovering secrets when a birth mother is introduced to the adopted middle-aged mother. This is a co-production with Western Gold Theatre and is directed by Scott Bellis. Opening Nov. 2 and running until Nov. 18, “Red Birds” will appear at the Performing Arts Lodge near Stanley Park. Don’t miss this wonderful, touching comedy.

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by Aaron Bushkowsky

November 26, 2017 - Performance Works, Granville Island

A story about our continuing housing crisis and who we are becoming. 

Green Lake

by Katey Hoffman

November 27, 2016 - at Performance Works, Granville Island

Solo Collective’s 16th season featured a new play, “Green Lake” by emerging playwright Katey Hoffman. This dark comedy was about a young woman coming to terms with her identity when she discovers her long lost deadbeat dad is living nearby. It’s through a series of flashbacks to Green Lake — a camp she was unceremoniously dumped into as a 15-year-old that she finds the secret to moving on. Bittersweet and theatrical, “Green Lake” was heartfelt and nostalgic. It received positive reviews right across the board. “Green Lake” was nominated for six Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards, including Outstanding Performance by a Lead Actress, Outstanding Performance by a Supporting Actress (2 of them!), Outstanding Set Design,

Dressing for a Wedding

by Aaron Bushkowsky

November 29, 2015 - Matinees Nov. 21 & 29, 2 pm
at Performance Works, Granville Island, Monday dark. CLICK TICKETS LINK BELOW.

Aaron Bushkowsky is an award-winning theatre artist and founding member of Solo Collective Theatre.  Funny, heartfelt and musical, Bushkowsky has taken this very personal story (he’s been married a few times!) and created a theatrical memory play rich in little truths and big questions. “Dressing for a Wedding” is about a mother’s attempt to run her daughter’s wedding without losing her mind and her family. Nov. 13-29, 8 pm ($28/$23 concession), matinees Nov. 21 & 29, (2 pm) MONDAYS ARE DARK Performance Works, Granville Island Tickets at the door. And at Tickets


by David Hudgins

November 12, 2014 - to November 23, 2014 at Performance Works, Granville Island

David Hudgins is an award-winning theatre artist and founding member of Electric Company Theatre. He’s also a husband, father, brother and son. Small Parts is inspired by Hudgins’ real life experience directing his mother’s first play about her talking and singing body parts, while learning that she was dying of ovarian cancer and dealing with his mentally ill sister. Funny, heartfelt and musical, Hudgins has taken this very personal story and created a theatrical memory play rich in little truths and big questions. At its heart, Small Parts is about the courage to face our mortality by living through our most basic of human connections. Nov. 13-23, 8 pm ($25/$20

Cool Beans

by Anton Lipovetsky

November 21, 2013 - Performance Works, Vancouver

A funny fusion of caffeine and romance with hipsters and wannabes, this play delivered an entertaining and romantic night out for anyone who has found themselves alone at Starbucks. Solo Collective’s first musical garnered raves from all the critics and broke box office records. “There’s a hipster hit in Cool Beans….” The Georgia Straight.

Play With Monsters

by Aaron Bushkowsky

November 20, 2012 - Performance Works, Vancouver

A man with a checkered past and a criminal record tries to reconcile with the memory of his parents as zombies after meeting the girl of his dreams in a vineyard in France. An imaginative and whimsical show that culminates with a battle between zombies and a ninja, and impossible love. “Playful Play With Monsters Kills at Performance Works” — Vancouver Sun Nominated for four Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards: Malcolm Dow (Sound Design), Aaron Bushkowsky (Outstanding Original Play), Karin Konoval (Outstanding Supporting Actress), Josette Jorge (Outstanding Supporting Actress). Josette Jorge with Andrew McNee. Directed by Rachel Peake; Stage Managed by Lois Dawson; Sound Design by Malcolm Dow; Lighting by Itai

After Jerusalem

by Aaron Bushkowsky

November 22, 2011 - Performance Works, Vancouver

A down-on-her-luck school teacher tries to find love in Israel by making herself up to be a famous actress only to run into a wannabe script-writer soldier with many tall tales. After Jerusalem written by Aaron Bushkowsky, featured Andrew McNee as Vladimir and Deb Williams as Carol, the high school teacher from Saskatchewan. Playing to sold out audiences for the last weekend, After Jerusalem garnered many positive reviews. “Do you want to see some artists having a really good time? After Jerusalem is a banquet of pleasure. Playwright Aaron Bushkowsky and actors Deborah Williams and Andrew McNee don’t just chow down on the material, they roll around in it.” The

Love Fights

by Amiel Gladstone and Adam Underwood

November 09, 2010 - Performance Works, Vancouver

Two short plays by playwrights Ami Gladstone (The Trolley Car), directed by Rachel Peake and Adam Underwood (Coffee Makes Me Cry), directed by Sarah Rodgers. Occupied Germany sets the background for a secret love affair in Ami Gladstone’s deeply poetic work, while comedy reigns supreme in Adam Underwood’s modern-day fable of a blind date that goes horribly wrong. Trolley Car (above), by Ami Gladstone, was performed by Emma Slipp (above) and Emelia Symington Fedy (below) and Raphael Kepinski. Directed by Rachel Peake this production was nominated for three Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards in 2011, Outstanding Direction by Rachel Peake, Outstanding Performance for Emma Slipp, and Outstanding Costume Design, Drew Facey.

The project

by Aaron Bushkowsky

November 01, 2009 - Performance Works, Vancouver

Hollywood tries to save Africa from starvation when a director plans a documentary on needy Africans on the coast when things go horribly awry. Performed by Lindsay Angell and Andrew McNee (above), Sarah Rodgers, Alvin Sanders (above right), and Maiko Bae Yamamoto Directed by Rachel Peake Set by Yvan Morissette, Lighting by Jonathan Ryder, Video by Jamie Nesbitt, Costumes by Drew Facey, Sound by Michael Rinaldi, Production Managed by Jonathan Ryder, Stage Managed by Susan Miyagishima, Dramaturgy by Jan Derbyshire with Nicole Gordon “There are lots of funny lines here…. Bushkowsky is a witty writer…. Andrew McNee’s Fred is fantastically mercurial. Sarah Rodgers, who plays Sophie, gets on a roll

True Believers

by Lorena Gale, Dennis Foon, Ian Weir

October 20, 2008 - Performance Works, Vancouver

Three short monologues by established playwrights Dennis Foon, Ian Weir, and Lorena Gale. My Acid Trip by Dennis Foon, directed by Camyar Chai, performed by Todd Thomson. The Voice by Lorena Gale, directed by John Cooper, performed by Mercedes Baines. Hope and Caritas by Ian Weir, directed by Rachel Ditor, performed by Jennifer Clement. Two Jessie Award Nominations Best Actor in a Lead Role, Todd Thomson (My Acid Trip); Outstanding Original Script, Dennis Foon (My Acid Trip) Set and Lighting by Yvan Morissette, Sound by Alexander Brendan Ferguson, Technical Direction by James Foy, Stage Managed by Noa Anatot “Among the best plays I’ve seen this fall…[My Acid Trip] is a wittily eccentric and moving prayer of atonement…Ian Weir’s Hope and Caritas…is hilarious but never

Crazy Talk

by Victoria Maxwell, Jan Derbyshire, James O'Shea

November 09, 2006 - Performance Works, Vancouver

Three stories about crazy people on the edge. Lifeline by Victoria Maxwell, directed by Jane Heyman, performed by Lara Gilchrist. The Audition of the Embarrassed Woman by Jan Derbyshire, directed by David Mackay, performed by Dawn Petten. Thbump by James O’Shea, directed by Del Surjik and performed by Derek Metz.   Lara Gilchrist and Derek Metz, photos by Aaron Bushkowsky Set and Lighting by John Webber, Sound by Rob Parker, Production Managed by Chris McGregor, Stage Managedby Jaimie Tait “Solo Collective scores a triple play… three very different one-person pieces, linked only by the lunacy lurking within each but blessed by a common sense of pure professionalism. …Each is, in its own very particular way, a

Landscapes of the Dead

by Aaron Bushkowsky

February 08, 2006 - Performance Works, Vancouver

An exploration of the meaning of art and a darkly comic look at relationships among the living. Directed by Johnna Wright, Performed by Bill Dow, Chris Fassbender, Erin Mathews, Marilyn Norry, Laara Sadiq. Set and Lighting by Alan Brodie, Projections by Tim Matheson, Costumes by Sheila White, Sound by Paul Moniz de Så, Production Managed by Jayson McLean, Stage Managed by Caryn Fehr, Featuring the artwork of Brent Boechler, Victor Bonderoff, Sherry Cooper, Maggie Manning, Alice Rich, Wendy Smith, Nadine Surjik, Marti Wright Jessie Award Nominations Outstanding Set Design, Alan Brodie; Significant Artistic Achievement (Projections Design), Tim Matheson “This play is not a hard sell, or a long trip, and

Fear Some

by Vern Thiessen, Alex Ferguson, Dorothy Dittrich

May 10, 2005 - Performance Works, Vancouver

Three monologues about things that go bump in the night. Back to Berlin by Vern Thiessen, directed by Johnna Wright, performed by Scott Bellis. Two by Alexander Ferguson, directed by Johnna Wright, performed by Josh Drebit. If the Moon Falls by Dorothy Dittrich, directed by Sarah Rogers, performed by Bridget O’Sullivan. Set and Lighting by Del Surjik, Sound by Noah Drew, Production Managed by Terence van der Woude, Special Properties by Yayah Studios, Stage Managed by Anne Taylor Jessie Award Nomination: Outstanding Original Script, Vern Thiessen, Back to Berlin “Satisfying from start to finish… top-notch. …Some of our best writers, directors and actors at the top of their game.”THE VANCOUVER SUN

Secrets Three

by Aaron Bushkowsky, Kendra Fanconi, Amiel Gladstone

November 01, 2003 - Performance Works, Vancouver

Secrets Three What’s the big secret? Three short plays come together to tell a story that is more than the sum of its parts. The Stone Boy by Aaron Bushkowsky, directed by Aaron Bushkowsky, performed by David Mackay, Jillian Fargey and David Beasely. Bonehouse by Kendra Fanconi, directed by Rachel Ditor, performed by David Beazely. Lena’s Car by Amiel Gladstone, directed by Rachel Ditor and performed by Jillian Fargey. Lighting by Alan Brodie, Set concept by Del Surjik, Sound by Amos Hertzman, Special Properties by Rob Lewis,Dramaturgy by Aaron Bushkowsky, Jennifer Lord, Produced by Johnna Wright, Stage Managed by Jessica Chambers Jessie Richardson Award: Amiel Gladstone, Outstanding Original Script, Lena’s Car Jessie Award Nominations: Jillian Fargey, Outstanding Performance, Lena’s Car Del Surjik,

A Christmas Three

by Jaan Kolk, David Mackay, Lucia Frangione

December 10, 2002 - Playwrights Theatre Centre, Vancouver

Three original Christmas monologues…a surprising alternative to the usual Christmas fare. Wobbling Madonna by Lucia Frangione, directed by Craig Hall, performed by Sheelah Megill. Killjoy by David Mackay, directed by Johnna Wright, performed by Lois Anderson. Office Party by Jaan Kolk, directed by Del Surjik, performed by Bill Dow. Set & Lighting by Del Surjik, Sound by David Hudgins, Stage Managed by Caryn Fehr Jessie Richardson Award: Lois Anderson, Outstanding Performance, Killjoy Craig Hall, Outstanding Body of Work by an Emerging Director, including Wobbling Madonna Jessie Award Nominations: David Mackay, Outstanding Original Script, Killjoy Johnna Wright, Outstanding Direction, Killjoy Outstanding Production, small theatre “An achingly honest portrayal of the love and hate and everything in

A Three Way

by Aaron Bushkowsky, Dawn Petten, Jamie Norris

January 15, 2001 - Performance Works, Vancouver

Three new monologues about loss… and life. Samaritan by Jamie Norris, directed by Patrick McDonald, performed by Michael P. Northey. Cusp by Dawn Petten, directed by Johnna Wright, performed by Sarah Susut. Between Mothers by Aaron Bushkowsky, directed by Tom McBeath, performed by Megan Leitch. Lighting and Set Design by Shaun August, Sound Design by John McCulloch Jessie Richardson Award: Significant Artistic Achievement, Jamie Norris, Patrick McDonald, Michael P. Northey, Samaritan “… accolades. That’s what the collective has been getting from audiences… How does a playwright hold our attention for a 30 to 40 minute one-hander? Let writers Dawn Petten, Jamie Norris and Aaron Bushkowsky count the ways.”  VANCOUVER COURIER

Three by Three

by Aaron Bushkowsky, Meah Martin, Jaan Kolk

October 28, 2000 - PTC, Granville Island

Part of THREE BY THREE, The Waterhead, written by Aaron Bushkowsky, directed by Del Surjik with Aaron Bushkowsky, featured Tom McBeath was nominated for three Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards, including Outstanding Original Script, Outstanding Direction and Outstanding Performance. Wendy Noel was nominated for Outstanding Performance for Brown Wasps. Love and DNA, written by Jaan Kolk rounded out the night. These three solo shows were outstanding and gave Solo Collective its first Outstanding Production nomination for a total of five.