Solo Collective is looking for original scripts from culturally diverse and visible minority playwrights for a celebration of emerging writers presentation in the New Year. This new initiative showcases and celebrates new Canadian writers from different ethnic backgrounds.

Send your scripts to us.

For more information, please contact To insure you are informed, join the Solo Collective mailing list at the top of this page.

The winning script(s) will be chosen by Solo Collective Artistic Associates and staff.

This celebration will replace Solo Collective’s “Solo Flights” writing competition held in previous years. It is held in association with Hardline Productions in Vancouver.


Close to 100 people gathered at Carousel Theatre’s rehearsal space to hear four short plays by emerging writers in 2013. Congrats to our writers! It was a great night of readings by local theatre artists.

The writers showcased were:

Suzanne Ristic for “Poor”
Bill Marchant for “Summer Teeth”
Chala Hunter for “Queen of the Dead”
Patrick Keating for “Plane Ride”

Ken Cameron
David Copelin
Josh Epstein
Peter Dickenson
Laura Farn
Ron Fromstein
Rebecca Harrison
Corrina Hodgson
Cornelia Hoogland
Katie-Ellen Humphries
Will Johnson
Raphael Kepinski
Matthew Kowalchuk
Erin Macklem
Tanya Marquardt
Victoria Maxwell
Susan Miyagishima
Kristina Murphy
Laura Nessler
James O'Shea
Nadia Pestrak
Jon Lachlan Stewart
Valerie Sing Turner
Miriam Westland
Peter Wilson
Sherry Yano