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Dressing for a Wedding, Nov 13-29, 2015. (Photo by Emily Cooper)

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Solo Collective celebrated its 15th season with a new comedy by Aaron Bushkowsky, “Dressing for a Wedding” directed by Sarah Rodgers. It featured Josh Drebit, Deborah Williams, Gary Jones, and Gili Roskies. This surreal comedy showcased a wedding rehearsal run by an overwrought mother trying to avoid past demons including a daughter who haunts her every moment. This show finished its successful run Nov. 29, 2015 and received a 95 percent recommendation from surveyed audience members. “Dressing for a Wedding is classic Bushkowsky: quirky, funny and dark in a kind of off-the-wall way.”  Jo Ledingham, The Courier. Set Design was by Yvan Morissette, Lighting by John Webber, and photography, video and projection